Top 8 Best Free Serum Preset Packs (All Genres)

Not everyone has the money to buy high quality Serum presets.

Even if you do, sometimes you just wanna grab some juicy freebies!

But that doesn’t mean you can’t find inspiring and professional Serum presets for free – they just aren’t AS easy to find, until now!

I have scoured the internet far and wide, sifted through all the garbage to find and present only the best free Serum preset packs for you to download and use right away!

I will also make sure to keep this page updated as and when I find great new Serum presets for you to download. So make sure to bookmark this page and keep checking back every so often.

If you ever feel inspired to get stuck into sound design and make your own presets make sure to read our articles on Sound Design. We cover the basics of sound design as well as drum synthesis and more!


There are some pretty awesome presets out there for free. Click the below links to jump to the relevant sample pack.

7 Skies

Genres: Deep House, Trap, Hybrid Orchestral, Futurebass


7 Skies is a world class producer. He’s worked with the likes of KSHMR and Tiesto to name a couple and released on big labels such as Anjunabeats.

He also produces extremely high quality sample packs and presets, and the best part is he has a fair bit of FREE material out there.

He has a website called Standalone Music where you can grab all of his material, he also has a an entire page of free packs for download.

Surge Sounds

Genres: Deep House


free serum presets from surge sounds

Surge Sounds has a free welcome pack on their site with a whole bunch of awesome presets and samples. Plus they will send you 30 FREE sounds a week if you sign up for their newsletter.


Genres: House, Trap, Riddim, Dubstep, Techno, Hiphop, Pop


Cymatics is a huge sample pack label with tons of high quality material out there.

They are well known for having their roots firmly in the dubstep community but have also branched out into most other genres. Cymatics has an entire page of free serum presets + samples. The free downloads cover all genres from House and Techno to Trap and Dubstep.

Terminal Waves Vol. 1, 2 and 3

Genres: All


The Terminal Man also known as brainpacemaker on the KVR forums has a website where he has a bunch of preset packs for serum for free.

This one contains 88 High Quality presets including keys, leads, basses, sequences, fx and more. As well as presets there are also noise files and wavetables in the download. You can also grab Terminal Waves Vol 2 and 3 from his website.

WA Production

Genres: Future House


This pack contains 36 Future House presets. An awesome little pack by WA Production, perfect if you’re looking for some hard hitting future house sounds.

WA Production is a well-known Sample Pack Label, they also sell plugins, DAW templates, and video courses. You should definitely check out their website if you want some awesome content.

LP24 Audio

Genres: All


LP24 Audio is a Preset and Sample pack label that also has a blog and even an a free ebook that teaches you how to add width to your productions.

They have a pretty juicy download vault which includes 50 awesome free serum presets as well as other cool downloads. Not to be missed!


Genres: Riddim, Dubstep


Synthferatu is a producer and sound designer. He has some pretty awesome free content – including 7 free preset packs from Synthferatu based around dubstep and riddim. They can be found and downloaded on his facebook page (see link above).


Genres: All


You’ve almost certainly heard of Vandalism. They produce high quality samples and presets and are giving away weekly sounds on their website for free! Not an opportunity to be missed as they are well respected sound designers in the EDM community.

Want to learn how to make your own serum presets?

Using presets is nothing to be ashamed of, almost all world class producers use them – but sometimes it’s fun to make your own sounds and it can really help set you apart and define your sound. If you’re looking to get started in the world of sound design, then make sure to check out our comprehensive articles to get a firm grasp on the concepts of drum synthesis as well as how to make awesome leads, basses, plucks and more.

I thought using loops was cheating, so I programmed my own using samples. I then thought using samples was cheating, so I recorded real drums. I then thought that programming it was cheating, so I learned to play drums for real. I then thought using bought drums was cheating, so I learned to make my own. I then thought using premade skins was cheating, so I killed a goat and skinned it. I then thought that that was cheating too, so I grew my own goat from a baby goat. I also think that is cheating, but I’m not sure where to go from here. I haven’t made any music lately, what with the goat farming and all.

– someone on reddit

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    • Hey, thanks for the heads up 🙂 They must have updated their prices as it used to be free.

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