20 BEST Free FL Studio Project Files (Templates)

If you are an electronic music producer then at some point you are going to want to learn something new, or you might get stuck in a creative rut. 

Whether you want to learn a new style or genre of music, get your hands on some awesome samples and presets for free, or just study the way other producers have made their music.

Getting your hands on some free FL Studio project files and templates is a great way to cover all these needs.

I love opening up other producers FLPs and seeing how they arranged, mixed and mastered their projects. There’s always something you can pick up on that you might have been missing out on or have been doing differently.

Below I have compiled a list of high quality FREE FL Studio project files and templates for you to get stuck into. I have also added the genre to each link for your convenience. 

Here are the 20 best free FL Studio Project Files and Templates:

  1. ZHAOS – Crazy Dubstep Professional Project (Dubstep)
  2. FLP Nation – How to make Bass House (Bass House)
  3. FLP Nation – Jonas Aden Style Future House (Future House)
  4. Chainsmokers Style FL Studio Project File (Pop)
  5. ZHAOS – INSANE Hybrid Trap FLP (Trap)
  6. BRASTC – Free Riddim Dubstep FLP (Riddim)
  7. EDM Remakes – How to make Melodic Dubstep (Melodic Dubstep)
  8. BRT – Selected Style Deep House Free FLP (Deep House)
  9. FLP Nation – Future Bass Remix (Future Bass)
  10. EDM Remakes – How to Bass House (Bass House)
  11. Skrillex & Wiwek – Killa  Remake (Dubstep)
  12. Free DNB FLP by Dsg DnB (Neuro DNB)
  13. FLP Nation – Professional Future House Like Brooks (Future House)
  14. Dylan Tallchief – Skrillex & Habstrakt – Chicken Soup Remake (Bass House)
  15. Dylan Tallchief – Skrillex & Rick Ross – Purple Lamborghini Remake (Trap/Dubstep)
  16. Cheat Codes/DVBBS/Lost Frequencies Style House (Future House) 
  17. Skrillex x Joyryde – Agen Wida Remake (Bass House)
  18. BRASTC – Riddim Dubstep Template (Riddim)
  19. Joyryde – I Ware House Remake by Dylan Tallchief (Bass House)
  20. How to Make Epic Future Bass by EDM REMAKES (Future Bass)


Honestly my favorite project file has to be the ZHAOS – CRAZY DUBSTEP file.
The sound selection, mixing, mastering and sound design is insane and it sounds like something you would hear on channels like DubstepGutter  or The Dub Rebellion. 

free dubstep FL studio flp project file

The basses are super fat and gritty and are made in Xfer Serum so if you’ve had trouble learning the sound design behind dubstep or riddim basses, then you can easily download this project file, and reverse engineer the presets to learn for yourself exactly how to build them. 

The drum samples are another huge bonus to this FLP. They sound great and work well together. One thing you could do is load all of them up into a sampler like Battery and make a drum kit that you know will always sound amazing!

Another thing to take note of is how the track is arranged to create tension and release in all the right places. Check out the drum fills, noise sweeps, use of specific high frequency bursts of energy like crashes, stabs, and vocal chops.

Pay attention to the mix, notice how the tonal balance of the drums matches the tonal balance of the synths and that gives it a nice cohesive feeling. A lot of beginner producers will have these huge noisy synths, but drums that sound like they were played by hamster.

There’s a whole lot more you can learn from analyzing this project file and be sure to check out the other projects on his youtube channel! 

How to use FL Studio project files and templates

 There are many different ways you can use project files to your advantage: 

  • You can have access to all the samples and presets from the project.
  • Analyze the project to see how it was arranged, mixed, and mastered.
  • Use the project as a template to jumpstart your own new productions. For example you might want to keep the arrangement the same and just alter all the sounds, melodies, chords etc.
  • You could do a bootleg remix of the original project file. Having access to all the original stems would make this a lot easier than bootlegging a master file.

What to do if the FL Studio project file crashes

  • This is probably due to an issue with one of the plugins. Make sure to check which plugins are required and what versions they are on. You can also try moving all plugins out of the original folder and then open the project file. If it opens, then add them back one by one until it crashes again. Once it crashes you will know it is the plugin you just added that is causing the crash.
  • Check what version of FL Studio the template is on. If yours is on a lower version you will need to update FL Studio. You can do this on the FL Studio Website.
  • Try open in both 64 and 32 bit versions of FL Studio.
  • Try running FL Studio as administrator.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the default template in FL Studio?

To change the default template in FL Studio, first save the project file in your User data folderFL StudioProjectsTemplates. Next, go to Options > General settings and under Miscellaneious there is an option to change the Startup project.

Where are FL studio projects saved?

The default save location in FL Studio is Documents > Image-Line > Data > FL StudioProjects. You can change this or add extra folder locations by going to Options > File and adding the location under “Browser extra search folders”.
As per image line’s recommendation you should keep your project files separate from the FL Studio install location.

Can you save projects in the FL Studio demo?

Yes, you can save projects in the FL Studio demo. However, you will not be able to re-open any projects until you purchase a license.

Got a project file you would like to add to the list?

Simply drop a comment below and we will check it out, if we like it then it will be added to the list!

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