20 BEST Free Ableton Project Files (Templates)

Sometimes it can be hard to find inspiration. Sometimes you want to learn to produce a new genre but have no idea how to structure it or how to create the style of sounds typically used in that genre.

Sometimes it’s just fun to look at other people’s project files.

There is a so much to learn from when studying other producers work.  Not to mention getting your hands on some free presets and samples.

I love to see how other producers do things differently. Doing this can help you to realize mistakes or flaws in your own process and help you to become a better producer.

Below I have compiled a list of high quality FREE Ableton Live project files and templates for you to get stuck into. They are arranged by genre for your convenience. 

Here are the 20 best free Ableton Project Files and Templates:

  1. Jauz Goodies – Project File on Splice (Tech House)
  2. Basic Wavez – Beginner Deep House Template (Deep House)
  3. Jules – Never Thought Project File (Deep House)
  4.  Timekube – Deep House Project File (Deep House)
  5. Julien Earle – Fisher Style Tech House Project File (Tech House)
  6. CMatheuz – Free Tech House Project File ALS (Tech House)
  7. Logic Templates – Free Tech House Ableton Live Project Template (Tech House)
  8. EDM Templates JAUZ/GHASTLY Style Bass House Project File (Bass House)
  9. Template128 – Jauz Style Bass House Template (Bass House)
  10. Stephan Bodzin Style Ableton Live Template by 7even up (Techno)
  11. Above & Beyond – My Own Hymn Remake | Ableton Project File by Bound to Divide (Trance)
  12. WA Production – FREE Ableton Progressive Trance Project Template (Trance)
  13.  Nasko – Free Dubstep Project File (Dubstep)
  14. Manse – Freeze Time (Luan Remix) Dubstep Project File (Dubstep)
  15. HiTOP Free Dubstep Project File (Dubstep)
  16. BRASTC – Free Riddim Project File  (Riddim)
  17.  YOSII – SVDDEN DEATH Style Riddim Project File (Riddim)
  18.  Cymatics – NGHTMRE Style Ableton Project File (Trap)
  19.  EDM Templates – Trap/Dubstep Style Template Project (Trap)
  20.  Scatta Wub – Free Trap Project File (Trap)


Jauz Goodies Project File

My favourite project file has to be Jauz – Goodies. It’s not every day you get to download and go through a real professional project file created by someone this big in the industry. I love the song and going through the project file to break it down and see how it was created was super eye opening. 

I love the bassline of this track. It has a really strong groove with the constant pitch bending and bounce created by his use of LFOTool/Volumeshaper. If you have serum you get to open his presets and see how they were made. Hint: they are super simple sine/saw waves with lots of saturation and a low pass filter on them.  

The simplicity of it is what always amazes me. You can see how Jauz uses very few instruments at any given time which makes for a very clean and focussed mix. The complexity and interest comes with lots of automation and slight variations to how the vocal is chopped and sequenced. 

I love how he left all the unused ideas in there so you can see what made it to the final track and what didn’t.  For example, theres a brass motif in the intro which was disabled, when enabled you can quickly hear why it never made it to the final cut –  it’s a fun little melody but it overpowers and fights with the vocal.

There’s also a grand piano in the breakdown with an unfinished chord progression on it. I guess it didn’t really fit the vibe of the track and started taking it in a different direction to what was intended – who knows? It’s also great to see how it was mixed and mastered. There’s very little processing in the way of the mix.

The sounds he chooses just work well together without needing to be processed heavily. And as a bonus you can download his mastering chain which is labelled “NGHTMRE Master 3”. Obviously it shouldn’t be used with the current settings as they won’t fit your track, but it’s handy to have a chain of plugins all laid out, mapped,  and ready to be used .

How to use project files and templates

 Some common uses include:

  • Access to the samples and presets used in the template.
  • To study and learn about song structure, music theory, mixing, and mastering.
  • To learn how to produce new styles and genres.
  • To gain inspiration from seeing different workflows and methods to your usual ones.

What to do if the project files don’t open or Ableton crashes

  • This is likely due to an issue with one of the plugins. Make sure to check which plugins are required and what versions they are on You can also change the VST Custom Plug-In Folder in Preferences > Plug-ins, to an empty folder and try to re-open the project file. If it loads then you know it’s an issue with a plugin. You can then try adding plugins one by one back to the new folder until you see the issue again. This way you’ll know which plugin is causing the crash.
  • Check what version of Ableton the template is on. If yours is on a lower version you will need to update Ableton. You can do this on the Ableton Website.
  • Try moving all samples from the project folder into a new folder, then when the project file loads you can point Ableton to the new folder.

We also have a similar list for FL Studio users. Get some FL Studio project files for free here!

Got a project file you would like to add to the list?

Simply drop a comment below and we will check it out, if we like it then it will be added to the list!

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