Free Kilohearts Phase Plant Preset Pack – 2023 Update

Phase Plant is a relatively new software synth created by one of my favorite plugin developers, Kilohearts. It’s unique modular snap-in design, cutting edge user interface and powerful features have all contributed to it’s growing popularity in the EDM production scene. 

I know not everyone has the funds to go out and buy high quality preset packs. And because of the huge success of Phase Plant, I thought it would be a good idea to get my readers easy access to a great free Kilohearts Phase Plant preset pack.

I will also describe a few of my favourite features of Phase Plant and show you how to use them to make some awesome presets for yourself.

You can download the pack containing 25 presets below.

screenshot of all the presets in the phase plant browser

On to a few of my favourite features of Phase Plant.


A snap-in is essentially just a standalone VST plugin that can also be loaded into Phase Plant as an effect. Kilohearts has created a whole range of snap-ins, a few of my favourite ones are listed below.


It’s hard to describe exactly what Disperser does. But it sounds to me like it adds a pitch envelope to the transients of whatever signal is being run through it, making everything a whole lot more punchy. According to the Kilohearts website, it essentially rotates the phase of the signal, creating a frequency sweep. I love putting Disperser on things like FM bass plucks and subs to give them that added oomph!

Read more about Disperser here.


A powerful distortion unit that has both drive, fuzz and color, as well as stereo control. The distortion can be very harsh so use with care. I find it works great on basses and distorted leads.

Read more about Faturator here.


It’s like a chorus but not really. Ensemble seems to create a very convincing “strum” effect on sounds with strong transients. It creates the illusion of multiple voices while mitigating any phasing issues with some modulation wizardry.

Read more about Ensemble here.

MIDI Effects

The powerful built in MIDI effects are probably the most powerful feature along with Phase Plants ability to literally modulate anything you want. A few of my favourite MIDI effects are listed below.


As you will see in the free Phase Plant preset pack, I tend to use key velocity to modulate things like filter cutoff, decay and gain. This works great on things like bass plucks and really brings them to life. You can hit a key softly to make it quiet, more low passed and almost “palm muted”. Or you can hit a key hard to make it bright, loud and more sustained.


Note will track which ever key is being played and assign a value to it, you can then use this value to modulate anything you want. Just like how key tracking works in most other synths. However, in most other synths key tracking only allows you to modulate filter cutoff. The higher the note being played, the more the filter opens. With Phase Plant you can modulate whatever you want.

In the free preset pack I have assigned it to things like LFO rate on a reese bass, this means that higher notes will have a faster pulsating LFO effect and lower notes will have a slower rate, and it sounds awesome!


Random is an LFO that, you guessed it, constantly changes with random values. I like to use this to modulate parameters like cutoff, volume of different oscillators, panning, reverb mix, other LFO rates and more. Do this on a pad with a slow rate and you will have an ever-evolving, super interesting sound.


Another really powerful feature in Phase Plant. You can add a sampler (or a few samplers if you want) as an extra Oscillator. It comes with a while library of super useful samples that you can load in and use to make completely unique sounds. Things like marimba hits for making pretty pluck sounds. Or violin samples for making lush pads. How about some metallic hits for making industrial sounding snare drums?

I could go on for days about all the powerful features of phase plant but I guess to sum it up the one thing to take away is that Phase Plant feels like it has no limits or bounds and puts you in a creative space that is constantly expanding.