Why are my mixes so quiet? 5 Techniques For Loudness

The trick to getting your music as loud as the pros lies in 2 fundamental concepts. Balance, and Dynamics. Once you achieve a good balance and learn to control the dynamics of your sounds – a nice fat, loud mix becomes easy to achieve.

8 Tips For Making Sounds Wide – Stereo Width

One of the biggest mistakes I see with beginner producers is that they don?t make good use of the stereo field. Taking sounds that sit dead centre in the mix and widening them can add interest, make them feel bigger and give a more professional sound, it?s also a useful tool for making space for other sounds that should be entered, like your kick, snare, vocals and leads.

Basic Wavez Ultimate Guide to Professional Mixdowns

So, you have a great song idea, the composition is down and has great potential. You call it a day and prepare for tomorrow’s task: to give your song the mix it deserves!

You wake up bright and early with fresh ears, and absolutely SMASH your first mixdown session, only to find out it sounds weak and amateur compared to some of your favorite tunes.

I’ve been there too, and over many years of trial and error, perfected a few techniques that have improved my mixes by leaps and bounds.

I’m here today to share these techniques, and hopefully, pave the way for anyone looking to improve their own mixes.