11 Cool Headphone Stands You Need Right Now

A good pair of headphones is essential to your studio. Quality headphones can improve both the artist as well as the engineers ability to work as effectively and efficiently as possible. With quality headphones costing upwards of $200, it’s extremely important to keep your investment in the best shape possible.

Unfortunately, and unlike earbuds, not all headphones come with a place for storage. This is where headphone stands come into play. A well made headphone stand can improve the durability of your headphones, keeping them configured in safe space when not in use.

With so many options in terms of selection, it can be difficult to find the right headphone stand for you.

That’s why I’ve taken the time to compare 11 cool headphone stands and help you find the one that matches your aesthetic while maintaining functionality and quality.

Before we dive into the specifics, here’s a run down of a few of the traits we’ll be looking for when reviewing headphone stands.


Your headphones are a precious investment and should be treated as such. Choosing a headphone stand with low quality materials can diminish the durability of the headphones themselves. Be sure to research material options prior to purchasing as certain headphones may work better with certain stands based on materials used.

Functionality & Features

A beautiful headphone stand is useless if it has no functionality. Your stand should offer support to the headphones through comfort, and various placement options. Additionally, features such as USB ports and aux capabilities can greatly impact your choice in stands.

Design Style

An eye catching headphone stand can completely alter your studio experience. Some stands priority design and aesthetics and intently aim to stick out from the crowd. Others are designed solely for effectiveness and are molded with ergonomics in mind.

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These are the 11 coolest headphone stands for your studio in 2020:

1. SAMDI Wood Headphone Stand

SAMDI’s Wood Headphone Stand is an aesthetic marvel, with a striking Omega style design. The headphone stand is sturdy and secure due to the wooden material, and curvature.


  • High quality and stable wooden material.
  • Stylish and unique Omega design.


  • While design style is very appealing, it may not fit all headphones.
  • Using headphones that do not fit properly may compress them.

A great bang for your buck headphone style with a unique design and plenty of colorful options to choose from.

2. Razer Base Station Chroma

The Razer Base Station Chroma is a visually stunning headphone stand. Complete with customizable LED lights and charging ports, this stand aims for individuality and efficiency at once.


  • Includes a 3-port USB 3.0 hub equipped with audio-pass through.
  • Powerful design with a customizable experience.


  • Stealth design may be appealing to some, not unique enough to others.
  • Material quality can be improved upon..

Powerful headphone stand with extremely unique LED features that can enhance the experience of your studio.

3. Elevation Lab The Anchor

The Anchor by Elevation Lab is designed to clear up space and allow you more room to do your thing. Once assembled you can attach the stand underneath your desk or on the side.


  • One of the most unique yet functional designs.
  • Under the desk design allows for more studio space.


  • Reliant on adhesive to stick to surfaces.
  • Warranty options are limited.

Great headphone stand for those looking to clear up some space around the studio.

4. COZOO Under Desk Headset Hanger

COZOO’s Under Desk model is the epitome of functionality. With a multitude of USB and audio ports, in addition to operating as a hub, this stand leaves nothing to be desired.


  • Highly functional headphone stand that features multiple ports and operates as a hub.
  • Fairly easy to install considering features.


  • Design quality could be improved to take advantage of all features.
  • May not be for those who are not as tech savvy.

One of the most decked out options available, this headphone stand comes with plenty of bells and whistles that also get the job done.

5. Rock On Headphone Stand

Rock On’s Headphone Stand is an eye catcher. With a sleek, bold design, the stand can catch you off guard at first glance before completely captivating your attention.


  • Creative, fun design that can alter a room.
  • Can handle earphones as well as headphones.


  • Low quality materials.
  • Only decent functionality.

More than a novelty item but not quite able to compete with the big boys, this headphone can act as the perfect gift for certain personalities.

6. COZOO Aluminum Headset Stand

One of the more tech based options around, the COZOO Aluminum Headset Stand offers many up to date features. The headphones include 3 USB charging ports as well as 2 AC ports, and the ability to listen wirelessly through bluetooth.


  • Equipped with a universal charger.
  • Very appealing to the tech savvy user.


  • Materials can be considered low quality.
  • Moderately difficult assembly required.

This is the ideal headphone stand for those who value tech features above all else

7. AmoVee Acrylic Headphone Stand

AmoVee’s Acrylic Headphone Stand is a great value purchase. The stand comes in a sleek design and fits most headphones. A compact design makes this stand a great nondescript option for a desk.


  • Compact, sleek design.
  • Great value product.


  • Limited design options.
  • Material quality can be improved.

Low budget stand that gets the job done for the price.

8. Luxa2 E-One Aluminum Headset Holder

The E-One headphone holder is a high quality stand that manages to be sleek, efficient, and sturdy at once. The aluminum design is a great option both stylistically and functionally.


  • Unique, powerful design with multiple options.
  • High quality aluminum material.


  • Not as universally compatible as other options.
  • Lacks tech savvy features some may require.

A no-nonsense stand that combines a reasonable price with quality functionality.

9. CORSAIR ST100 RGB Premium Headset Stand

Featuring a minimalist design and a ton of features, CORSAIR’s ST100 is a marvel. In addition to USB ports and lighting options, the stand also has a built-in analog input with full stereo range.


  • Sleek, luxurious, and customizable design.
  • Offers tons of tech savvy features.


  • One of the pricier options.
  • Likely to be replaced within 1-2 years.

Truly a luxury stand, the CORSAIR ST100 is an experience in itself.

10. KDrive Headphone Stand

The KDrive Headphone Stand is a great option for those value versatility above all else. The stand features a minimalist design in addition to 4 USB ports, and an HD clock display.


  • Versatile stand with plenty of options.
  • Universal headphone fit.


  • A bit of a master of none.
  • Material quality can be improved.

One of the most versatile options on the market, this stand can multi-task with the best.

11. Antank Headphone Stand

One of the most visually striking designs of the bunch, Antank’s Headphone Stand stands out amongst the crowd. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the stand is extremely sturdy and durable due to wooden material.


  • Sleek, modern, eye catching design.
  • High quality, long lasting material.


  • Limited design options.
  • Leans towards the pricier end.

High quality, beautifully made headphone stand that lives up to its high price point.


My personal choice would be the CORSAIR ST100. Corsair is a brand I’ve used for years, they make high quality products and this is no exception. It’s sleek and stylish as well as functional with it’s USB and Aux ports. If I had to choose another, the close second would probably be the SAMDI Wood Headphone Stand. I love the gentle curves and the wooden finish matches my studio as it’s essentially a log cabin made of wood.