Sad Chord Progressions MIDI Pack


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Longing to make some sad music but struggling to find the right chords to express these emotions?

The Basic Wavez Sad Chord Progressions MIDI Pack is sure to give you inspiration and help you find the right harmonies.


The MIDI Pack contains:

  • 420 MIDI Files
  • Chord Progressions transposed to fit all 12 major and minor keys

Why buy the pack?

There are many ways a MIDI pack like this can help you:

  1. Improve your music theory by studying the chord progressions and seeing what chord changes create certain emotions.
  2. Quickly find inspiration by auditioning different chord progressions in your track.
  3. Create unique progressions by shifting MIDI around, change note timing, arpeggiate chords and layer instruments.
  4. Chop progressions up and connect them together to make longer, more unique progressions.


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Sad MIDI Chord Progressions Pack
Sad Chord Progressions MIDI Pack