Basic Wavez – Common MIDI Chord Progressions




  • 396 MIDI Files
  • Common chord progressions in all 12 Major And Minor Keys
  • Bonus chord progressions from chart topping records
  • Labelled by key and roman numerals
  • Simply drag and drop into your DAW

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Welcome to the Basic Wavez MIDI Chord Pack. We went out and analyzed hundreds of hit songs and transposed the most common chord progressions into individual MIDI files. Each progression has been duplicated and transposed into all 12 major and minor keys for your convenience – so all you need to do is simply drag and drop the midi file into your project and away you go!

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Worried about being unoriginal?

Remember, literally hundreds of hit songs have been written on the same or similar chord progressions.

The great thing about this pack is that its completely editable so you can make each chord progression completely unique and your own.

Simply by changing the rhythm and timing of the chords or moving notes up and down octaves can make a huge difference. Often just playing a progression on a different instrument can give it a completely different vibe.


Often people find themselves in a rut.

Using the same chord progressions over and over again can make you feel uninspired.

Having a bunch of different progressions at your fingertips can help pull you out of creative blocks and lead you in to writing new and exciting melodies and harmonies.


So whether you’re struggling with writers block, looking for new progressions, or simply just want to analyze what goes into writing a hit chord progression – this pack is bound to help you move onward and upwards!



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Basic Wavez Common MIDI Chord Progressions
Basic Wavez – Common MIDI Chord Progressions