About Basic Wavez

Basic Wavez was built in 2018 with the sole purpose of creating content and products geared towards electronic music producers. Since then we have written and produced a multitude of articles, tutorials, gear reviews, guides and videos. 

We cover all topics relating to EDM and electronic music production including mixing, mastering, song writing, music theory, arrangement,  sound design, gear, how-to’s and more. 

Our mission is to educate producers of every level and provide helpful resources to make the process of learning music production more fun.

We also provide  free resources on the occasion, one of which is a MIDI chord pack that  has been a huge hit with thousands of downloads. 

In the future we plan to keep creating more awesome content including courses, videos and articles so make sure  to bookmark us,  stick around and subscribe to our mailing list to keep up to date!

Meet the owner and Author

owner of basic wavez

Hello! My name is Jules and I’ve been producing electronic dance music since 2015 under multiple projects, the latest one being “Bound to Divide”. 

I work as a sound designer making sample packs for Black Octopus, I sell and licence music commercially on Audiojungle, and have releases on Vibes Records, Bonfire Records, AIA, Future House Cloud and more. I have a passion for music production and my vision is to share everything I learn on this blog.

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